Saturday, August 5, 2017

Problem of the week 6th August 2017

ABC is a right angled triangle with hypotenuse AC such that a circle of radius 6 passes through B and C.  Th circle cuts the side AB and AC at points D and E respectively such that AD=5 and AE=4. Find BC

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Time to revive the blog!

I had reduced blogging considerably and hence you dont see any further posts.

I would be posting things again. Discussing Quant and Logic questions not just for IIMs but Math questions for JEE also. All encompassing blog.

The idea is to not let the brain cells die and help students on the way.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Funny video we made :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My IIM Interview Experience

X: Hi come on, have a seat.
me: Thank you Sir.
Y: SO are you from Bombay or Jharkhand?
me: Sir, I am from Jharkhand currently based in Bombay.
Y: Oh nice, Ranchi is a beautiful place. Been to Ranchi?
me: Yes Sir it is.
X: So you are a Jha from Jharkhand?
me: Yes Sir.
X: So you guys so big in Jharkhand, that they name the whole state after you?
(laughter all around)
Me: Not exactly Sir. Jharkhand means the land of forests, it has nothing to do with us 'Jhas'.
X: Is it? I thought it was the land of Jhas. So you are not a Jha because you are from Jharkhand?
Me: No Sir. I was a Jha even before Jharkhand was called Jharkhand. 
(laughter all around)
X: Man, I am confused now.Jha not from Jharkhand, Jharkhand not from Jha.So where are Jhas from?
Me: Sir Mithila.
X: Any famous person from Mithila?
Me: Sir, Goddess Sita. She was called Maithili as she was the princess of Mithila.
X: She is from mythology. Any other?
Me: Sir, Prakash Jha, Udit Narayan.
X: They are from bollywood. Any other?
Me: Sir, Jagannath Mishra. He was the CM of Bihar who built the famous Mahatma Gandhi Setu on the Ganga River near Patna.
X: Nice, any more?
Me: Sir, Lalit Narayan Mishra. he was the railway minister of India in 1970s. He was killed in a bomb blast when inaugurating a railway station in Bihar.
X: Can you name the station where the bomb blast happened?
Me: I am not sure, but I can take a guess if you allow me.
X: Hmmm, ok take a guess.
Me: Samastipur?
X: That's right. How did you guess that?
Me: Samastipur is one of the largest stations in North Bihar. And railway penetration in 70s was very less in Bihar. So I guessed it.
X: You guessed it or you knew it?
Me: Sir, I was confused between Hajipur and Samastipur. I guessed Samastipur.
X: Ok. Any more?
Me: Pardon me Sir.
X: Any more famous people from Mithila?
Me: Sir, I do not remember the full name but Prof D N Jha from DU is quite famous.
X: Is he famous or controversial?
Me: I think famous as well as controversial.
X: What is the controversy surrounding him?
Me: Sir, I don't remember what controversy it was exactly.
X: Do you know what he teaches?
Me: Sir, he teaches History. Rather he was the head of the history department of DU.
X: Nice, so you know about him. How do you know about him?
Me: Sir I had a discussion about his book with my brother-in-law in 2001. My brother in law also teaches history in DU colleges.
X: So you remember everything discussed in 2001? Sharp memory you got.
Me: Thank You sir. But it will be wrong to say that I remember everything. If I did, I would remember the controversy as well.
(laughter all around)
X: Ok. Now we will ask something else where you do not need your memory.
(laughter all around)
Me: Ok Sir 
X: Prof D N Jha was recently involved in a vey famous case. Can you guess which case?
Me: Sir, I am not sure. I can take a guess.
X: I asked you to guess only. Do it.
Me: Babri Masjid case in the Allahabad High court.
X: Impressive, how did you guess that?
Me: I could only think of one famous case where opinions of historians was needed.
X: Right. He was one of the four independent historians consulted by the High Court.
Me: Right Sir.
X: What do you want us to ask you?
Me: Sir anything.
X: You think you can answer everything?
Me: No Sir. I meant it is difficult for me to choose.
X: So you don't know what you know?
Me: No Sir. I am very sure what I know and what I don't know.
X: Ok tell me what should we ask you then?
Me: Maths.
X: No. We have given you the rubiks cube to test that.
(laughter all around)
ME: books, football maybe.
X: Ok we will ask about both of them. You are free right?
Me: Excuse me Sir?
X: I mean you are not getting delayed or something. You don't have any appointment or anything?
Me: No Sir, I am totally free. No appointments for today.
(laughter all around)
X: Good.
The interview continued towards books, football and general HR questions.
Y and Z didn't ask anything. X was the one who asked everything.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

IIML Interview

Finished my IIML Interview.

The essay and GD topic was Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

Did well in Essay and GD.

Interview: Can't say much. Questions very general on my hobbies, work, studies, my hometown, problems of India etc